Text Box: Text Box: Born: 13.03.1974 in SERBIA
Text Box: At the present: 

Happily married with Gregor. Live together since 1994 when they met in their natal city Novi Sad. There were married at 08 of  June of 1996, when she changed her surname Popov in Medved.
Since 2002 she's dedicates to a representation of the handball players, especially female players. Its where is dominating.
All free time spend in conversations by Skype with her tree nephews, especially with the youngest Daria.
Can’t do anything without the music. Prefer R&B, Spanish and Serbian pop.
She likes to go to cinema, mainly to the Kineapolis. The best rooms of sound with very comfortable and great seats, eating the extra big popcorn. 
She is faithful follower of the series like: Criminal minds, CSI, Without Trace, Break Prison.
Drinks Coca - Cola Zero and lot of coffee.
Her favourite food is Sarma, Burek (Serbian traditional) and Paella Valenciana
She’s collects magnets of all the sites where it has traveled.
Her favourite car - Audi. 
Text Box: Professional carrier:

1982 - It began to play the handball in the primary school, in the handball section lead under team of trainers of the handball Club “Železničar” - Novi Sad , Serbia.
During 8 years, has passed true three categories in the Club, and with 13 age old had debut for the first team of the Club, playing in the 2nd best league of former Yugoslavia.
In 1990 signs her first 4 year professional contract with handball club “Voždovac” from Belgrade. During that period, has played her first European competitions, had been called for the national team A and B, but the war time has leaved  a big empty space. The country was under the embargo, so the national team didn't play any official match till 1995.
In 1994 signs together with her sister Ninoslava Popov (had played right back - left hand and now married Samardzija) for Spanish handball club “Arrate” - Eibar. 
In 1995, again with her sister, signs for Serbian handball club “Dunav—Osiguranje” - Sombor for two seasons. The best result in European EHF Cup was 1/4 finals, eliminating the super powerful Lutcelinden - Guisen from Germany. She was one of the top scorers of the team.
In 1997 signs two years contract with “Kometal  Djorče Petrov” - Skopje from Macedonia. Those were the first matches in maximum European competition - Champion league.  Again becomes one of the best top scorers of the team, together with, for her, the best right back in the world Indira Kastratovic.  Those were two good seasons in her carrier, but unfortunately the best result in Champion League was semi final against Hypo - Vienna, Austria. From that period have a lot of friendships, and mainly the great respect of the faithful fans of Kometal, that is demonstrating whenever it comes to play in Skopje. 
In 1999 signs two plus two years contract with “El Osito—Mar Valencia” of Cristina Mayo. In that team, had honour to play together with the “big ones” Natalia Morskova y Cristina Gomez.  It has been the time at which, as she says, it has matured as a player. 
In 2003 signs for France handball team Metz.  Once again had a honour to play with the “big ones”, this time from France, Isabel Wendling, Melinda Szabo, Stefany Ludwig y Czech Lenka Cerna. That year the national team of the France had become a World champion. The national league that she won with the team, is for her, one of the best that she played in her carrier.
The next season 2004/2005, back with Cristina Mayo. But this time the team has been changed to the Sagunto, town that has welcomed the team after passing bad economic crisis in La Eliana. They won the national league that year. After 5 years with the same team, came the time for changes
In 2005, signs for two seasons 2005-2007 for the eternal rival “Cementos La Union“- Ribarroja, previously called Ferobus Mislata. Many critics and friends have said that this the two seasons have been better tan any she has played in Spain. She self recognizes that she has found the best one of itself, a maturity, confidence in itself and has enjoyed better than ever. When gaining the affection and respect of the trainer, managers and fans, have not been difficult to be decided to prorogue the contract . So she signs new two years contract. But after end of the first season, as recognise itself, as the team didn't won any title, it becomes to her as a overweight, so she need it to change the air.
At the end of carrier, as couldn't happened on better way, she comes to Denmark, the best European league. Signs a two years contract  for seasons 2008 - 2010 with handball club Arhus, whose objective with bringing her to the team, it was mainly to force the defence and to contribute with the experience and quality in offence. In the team, where by the way is the older one (34 years). Her team has classify in the phase of play off for the champion title. The result better never secured in the history of the Club. 
Text Box: National Team:

For Tanja, the national team was always the most important and it put in front of everything and everyone. From its beginnings in the national team, where her idols and the great ones of the Yugoslav handball  as Svetlana Kitic, Dragana Pesic, Dragica Djuric, Svetlana Mugosa ........... had left tracks for history, she wanted to follow their steps, and to be like them.

Her passage by national team has left track, but not on the way as she wanted. A long and hard way that it had to cross with the national selection, because of the wars, has allowed that her generation couldn't have made better results. National selection has been surrounded, during many years, with the political problems through which it passed the country.

When after winning the bronze medal in the World championship in Italy 2001, it looks that the things are going uphill, but again the political situation left bitter good and the hill has become down again.

Since then till today, the country, as it was separating, had to be changing the own name - from Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro y finally Serbia. This separation has made that lot of the players had to decide for which new country they are going to play.

Her last matches for the national team were in European Championship in Macedonia 2008, where she sow the new generation, as were her at the beginning, with the wonderful girls with lot of talents, whose are going to have much more luck in a future and will not let pass any chance that may have on their way up. 

As a captain of that team, it had satisfaction to share the same spirit that she have always when the national team is in a question. Patriotism - the pure love for the own country.

Has played more than 120 matches for National Team and has scored more tan 350 goals.

1997 - Mediterranean Games - Italia
1999 - European Championship Rumania
2001 - World Championship - Bronze Medal
2001 - Mediterranean Games - Tunisia
2002 - European Championship - Denmark
2005 - Mediterranean Games - Almeria, Spain - Silver Medal
2006 - European Championship - Sweden
2008 - European Championship - Macedonia 
Text Box: Sporting Achievements:: 

1997 - 1999 with “Kometal  Djorče Petrov” - Skopje, Macedonia
	2 Leagues
	2 National Cup
	1/4 of final of Champion league

1999 - 2003 with “El Osito—Mar Valencia”, Spain
	3 leagues ABF
	1 Copa de la Reina - National Cup
	3 Cup of the league ABF
	3 Super Cups of the league ABF
	Vice champion of the Champion league 2002/2003

2003 - 2004 with Metz , France
	1 League

2004 - 2005 with “Astroc—Sagunto” , Spain
	1 League ABF

2005 - 2008  with “Cementos La Union“- Ribarroja
	2 League ABF
	1 Copa de la Reina - National Cup
	1 Super Cup of the league ABF



Text Box: Author:  Aleksandar Popov  - my younger brother        You can visit his Web page - Vigorro

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